Who started this program?

Ad Women for All Women was born from the combined vision of bohan founder, David Bohan, and president/CEO, Shari Day, to create a program focused on encouraging female college students to pursue careers in advertising.

The program is designed to be duplicated by other ad agencies and includes turnkey, city-specific websites and marketing material templates available through bohan.

Who runs the program?

The flagship program is maintained by a core band of women at bohan in Nashville and is supported by our entire agency.

When did it begin?

AWFAW began in 2015. Our first conference was held in 2016.

How do you focus on diversity?

When we visit area colleges to generate applications for the program, we speak to classrooms at trade schools, state colleges, private colleges and HBCU’s. We also carefully select speakers for our mini-conference to ensure the inclusion of women of color and women with a broad spectrum of backgrounds and industry experience. As we’ve heard time and again: If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.

What about the guys?

Women fill almost half of the roles in advertising and yet there are still very few women in creative leadership roles—and even fewer women of color in leadership roles overall. That’s why our program focuses on women, specifically. However, we realize diversity and inclusion efforts are broader than gender and that responsibility for positive change should be shared by all. We are proud to say that men are an integral part of the Ad Women For All Women support network.

Aren’t there other, bigger programs out there?

Oh yeah. There a several amazing movements and programs addressing myriad industry challenges. We know AWFAW won’t solve all the problems in adland. But our efforts, combined with the power of The 3% Conference, the MAIP Talent Initiative, #TimesUpAdvertising, Women Not Objects and so many more, will help ensure an industry that keeps getting better. Not just for a few, but for all.

How do I start AWFAW in my city?

We’re so glad you’re interested. Ad Women For All Women is an impactful and attainable way for agencies to foster community and educate young women about their power and potential in the ad industry. The best part is, we set up your site for you and give you access to our promo materials too. You can reach us at AWFAW@bohanideas.com.

What does it cost?

Nothing for attending students. Next-to-nothing for agencies.

We don’t charge agencies to use our program, but each is responsible for covering the minimal financial investment of promo materials and student meals during their mini-con and immersion day.

We are very fortunate that AWFAW team members, speakers and panelists generously donate their time to make our program a success.