Agency Resources

Thanks for your interest in becoming a partner agency for the AWFAW program!

A few things you need to know:

  • Your customizable website is ready to go. All you need to do is plug in your details. Our developers are here to help walk you through it.
  • Our program materials are yours to use too. You can grab the most updated files from us in August. We do ask that you stick closely to our brand guidelines. (You’re one of us, we don’t even need to tell you this.)
  • When you get ready to connect with colleges and universities, we can give you tips on how to manage the process. We highly recommend classroom visits. Not only does it encourage students to apply on the spot, it gives you the chance to make one-on-one connections and provide real-world industry guidance.

Timeline Recommendations


  • Customize your site.
  • Email program directors and teachers at local colleges to generate interest.


  • Find your three speakers. We recommend at least one woman from the local market.
  • Put together your agency panelists from your own shop or others.
  • Pick your October mini-con date.


  • Check back with us for this year’s latest materials and templates.


  • Visit classrooms to encourage female students to apply. We’ve found bringing two or three people from the agency is ideal.
  • Book speaker travel if needed and remind them to send presentation materials.
  • Plan your Immersion Day to follow the conference.

Early October

  • Prep for conference
  • Notify attendees of acceptance

We’re here for you. Email us at


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